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Beyond The Light

The Bonus Round Sessions

The Last Session
(Original Cast Recording)

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The Bonus Round Sessions
Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $10.00

Released in 2000. Featuring the following songs:

I Want to Make Music: The first song Steve ever wrote at age 19!

Save Me A Seat: What's it like to attend your own memorial service?

Somebody's Friend: About all the "miracle cures" for AIDS.

The Group: About the uncomfortableness of attending a support group for the first time.

Going It Alone: Lead vocals by Joel Traywick ("Buddy" in the LA production of THE LAST SESSION). This is the first time Joey's award-winning rendition of this amazing song has been recorded.

Friendly Fire: When the medicine is worse than the disease.

At Least I Know What's Killing Me: What's killing you? A never before released version with Steve singing lead vocals.

Connected: "We should all be connected to each other..."

When You Care: Originally from Steve's CD "Living In The Bonus Round" (which is no longer available). This song is the hit finale song in THE LAST SESSION.

Lazarus: What happens when you come back to life? It's stranger than you think.

Will It Always Be Like This: Inspired by the true story of our friend Gabi Clayton and her son Bill.

William's Song (Five Great Big Guys): Why DOES it always take five great big guys to beat up one queer boy? Inspired by the true story of William Wagner and his family.

Where Is God: A funny, weird song that explores doubt and fear about You Know Who.

Simple Faith: "I think a simple faith isn't very simple at all..."

Christmastime: A special added treat! Lead vocals by Steve's partner Jim Brochu from one of their first productions together. This is the only recording of this song!